• 65 Feet Tall Shiva Statue

    The Shiv Mandir, located in the heart of Bangalore, is abode to a 65-feet-tall Shiva statue. Seated in a yogic posture, the deity is a towering symbol of faith.

  • 32 Feet tall Ganesh Statue

    Lord Ganesha, also known as the ‘Lord of Beginnings’ is traditionally worshipped before starting new endeavors, rituals and ceremonies.

  • Navagraha Temple

    The word ‘Navgraha’ is related to Planets and the Universe. The planets are placed in Universe and each of them moves in their own way..

  • Pratyaksh Ling

    The Pratyaksh Linga is hidden under the sacred waters of Manasa Sarovar Lake at the Temple. This Linga remains submerged in the water and as soon as the aarti starts,

  • Letter to God

    The devotees at the Shiv Mandir are encouraged to write Letter to God at our temple. While performing this activity, devotees share their inner feelings and wishes with God...

  • The Healing Stone

    Faith is Magical!
    The Upchaar Patthar at RVM Shiv Mandir, is a healing stone believed to cure and relieve devotees from suffering.

  • 25 Feet Tall Shiv Ling

    At the entrance of the Shiv Mandir, there’s a huge 25-ft Shiv Linga Gate that symbolizes the sacred form of Lord Shiva. Thrown open to the devotees on February 18, 2012,

  • Pahadi Shiv Dham Yatra

    Pahadi Shiv Dham Yatra was started at the Shiv Mandir in 2010, on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri. The idea behind this Yatra is to give devotees a glimpse...

  • Barah Jyotir Ling Yatra

    To spread the glory and power of Lord Shiva, the Shiv Mandir has organized a feat of 12 animatronics. This setup offers a unique opportunity for the devotees to make a holy pilgrimage

  • Ganga Snaan

    The spiritual activity of Ganga Snaan was started in the temple on the day of Maha Shivratri in 2009. In this activity, devotees take a bath in the Holy Ganges