Spirituality at RVM Foundation Shiva Temple

Spirituality at RVM Foundation Shiva Temple

Spirituality is the heart and soul of RVM Foundation Shiva Temple. Located in Old Airport Road, Bangalore, India, it is one most sought out spiritual destination. The Shiva temple, was inaugurated by Sri Shankaracharya of Shringeri, on February 26, 1995, on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri. The temple is spreading the power of faith and spirituality to millions across religions, cultures and creeds for the last 20 years. The RVM Foundation Shiva temple, is not like any other Shiva temple in the world. It is unique, magnificent, a temple of spiritual awakening, a temple of faith, where dreams come true!

Spiritual awakening at RVM Foundation Shiva Temple!

Spiritual awakening at RVM Foundation Shiva Temple

Spirituality is a process of personal transformation. The temple hosts spiritual activities, which help devotees attain peace and calmness and also helps them move along a path, towards their goal. One experiences a complete sense of spiritual awakening, healing and a sense of spiritual growth in the Shiva temple. The temple is the home of “The Most Powerful Shiva Statue in the World”. A 65-feet-tall Shiva statue, seated in a yogic posture, is a towering symbol of faith. One experiences a sense of tranquillity and spirituality, while praying to the marvellous Shiva statue. The positive energy that exists in the place is overpowering.

Spiritual activities at the Shiva temple!

Vignaharan Thread

Images of Vighnaharan Thread at RVM Shiva Temple bangalore

Lord Ganesha is fondly referred to as ‘Vighnaharan Ganpathi’ or ‘the remover of obstacles’ by his devotees. When devotees come to pray at to the 32-feet-tall Lord Ganesha at the Shiva temple, they tie a thread near the idol. While tying the saffron-colour holy thread, devotees share their problems with the Ganesha, with the belief that he will take care of their problems and resolve them. Amazingly, miracles have happened at the Shiva Mandir, where Ganesha’s blessings have actually made the problems disappear for many devotees.

Miracle Coin

Images of Miracle coin at RVM Shiva Temple bangalore

Faith has magical power, it makes all dreams come true. At RVM Foundation Shiv Temple, devotees experience this magic. They pick up the special coin called “Miracle Coin” or the “Coin of Wish” at the temple. With this coin in their hands, devotees stand atop the “Miracle Spot” and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” seven times and then drop the coin in the holy “Manas Sarovar Pond”. This strong form of prayer works wonders when performed with true devotion and dedication.


Images of diya at RVM Shiva Temple bangalore

The RVM Foundation Shiva Mandir has a Diya spot from where devotees light a diya which symbolizes life and float it in the holy “Manas Sarovar Pond” and accepting the will of God. “Deena Bandhu Deena Nath, Meri Dori Tere Haath”, meaning Lord you are everything and my life’s thread is in your hands. The devotees, pray to Lord Shiva and let God take charge of their life.